Our company ‘‘VIP PROTECTION’’ also undertakes:

•Τhe security of buildings/facilities, factories, shopping centers, public buildings, banks, private residences, hotels, beaches, marinas, coppices, open and closed places

•Τhe protection of sights, fairs, conventions, contests, athletic events

•Τhe inspection of crew, passengers, hand-luggage, luggage, air-shipment, cargo and mail at airports and ports, entrance in airports and ports as well as in their facilities after the approval of the qualified airport or port authority

•Patrols for the avoidance of criminal acts, burglaries, arsons, acts of terrorism, by a specially trained man-power, is qualified with the equivalent license of the Ministry of Public Order

•The safety of forest, fire, coppices, (activities are being carried out by special vehicles)

•The remittance of public organizations, banks, etc.

•The escort with the use of the appropriate special vehicles which have portable equipment of light signaling for the transportation of large or heavy items

•The installation, maintenance, supervision of the function of machines and security and alarm systems.