vip transfer

“VIP PROTECTION” is the only company, which provides the most serious and essential services in the field of  VIP Transportation and Secure Escort.

The company, certified in accordance with ELOT ΕΝ ISO 9001:2000, guarantees the maximum luxuriousness in comfortable and secure escorts for your selected collaborators – guests – clients, concerning transportations anywhere in Greece.

The luxury vehicles we own are the latest models of MERCEDES – RANGE ROVER – PORSCHE CAYENNE – LEXUS, as well as luxurious 8 seated MINI VAN, manned with the properly trained,  especially for VIPs, drivers-attendance crew. All our drivers and escorts are fully proficient in English and hold the special license issued by the Ministry Of Public Order.

For the safest VIP transportations – escorts, all our vehicles are also supplied with the latest type of security equipment (police lights – strobe lights – sirens – radio – oxygen masks – pharmacy) and are fully air-conditioned. They all have tinted glass windows, leathered seats, satellite TV – DVD – MP3 – VCD and GPS Navigation System.

In addition, we inform you for the availability of motorcycle escorts/convoys, with drivers trained properly to protect VIPs. Moreover, we can offer you our Special Bodyguard Service (S.B.S), consisting of armed and/or unarmed bodyguards, licensed by the Ministry of Public Order.

All VIP transportations – escorts of your special guests/clients etc., are considered STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL by our company.